Disabilities Ministries

Thank you for coming to the Disabilities Ministries website. God led you to this website for information about how to establish a ministry in your church and community for people with disabilities.

Our mission is simply to give everyone an opportunity to know and practice the gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry may be started with you and Jesus, or others with like passion may join you. But know that you have many from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to the local churches to help you.

How we serve

  • Make recommendations to church boards regarding steps that could be taken to make the church facilities more accessible for people with disabilities
  • Assist the church in transportation solutions for people with disabilities
  • Advise other ministries and church leadership regarding possible involvement of members who have disabilities
  • Serve as a liaison with organizations providing services for people with disabilities such as Christian Record Services and promote Christian Record Services programs in the local church
  • Provide resource materials for local congregations


  • Disabilities Ministries Handbook
  • Guidelines for Disabilities Ministries Programs
  • Guide to Conducting a Disabilities Awareness Sabbath
  • Videos that promote disabilities awareness 


  • Disabilities Ministries has an annual NAD weekend the last weekend in March or the first weekend in April